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Originally Posted by happytit View Post
i would like to get something like this ... now that i already boght 7 TM g36lowcaps at 45 - 55 $ a pop.

it would deff make your life a whole lot more simple if you can use M4/M16 mags. plus i would be able to carry more mags in my vest.. may think about this mod for the summer ... thanks for posting it..
Yeah, when there is a long period between games and I forget how big G36 mags are I laugh when I see someone with some at a game. I can't believe I used to use something so big, bulky, awkward, and expensive that has its tabs get caught on everything. I had second thoughts about the switch at first but theres no way I'm going back now, its just way too easy now (mag pouches, mag changes, maneuverability to some degree, etc. etc.)

I don't have any VN mags kicking around to take a pic with, sorry. But wouldn't it be possible to photoshop (or mspaint) the pics above to simulate a VN mag?
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