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The matter of eye protection is always open to debate. We are all adults (or suppose to be lol) and if they are willing to risk it and the feild allows on there head be it. I regards to availble protection there are many options out there, myself I use rated safty glasses out doors, and Bolle glasses in CQB. I have seen many other types of protection, paintball goggles, paintball goggles with fullmasks, one option I really liked was the "freight train" style mask. They simply chop most of the mask away until your left with a freight train grill covering the teeth. This allows for improved heat dissapation and also allows for clear communication, ease of use with mics and affords a fair amout of protection. Clothing and body armor ad a level realism to the game and also have a practical use on the feild. Does it take away from the game, I say no, IMHO it adds a level of difficulty to the game. It empasies the need of well placed shots, not just a "spray and pray" format. Plus sometimes when you have new people that may get over excited, it helps prevent "accidents" from happening and from people getting teeth removed with a fist. lol Just my opinions

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