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Originally Posted by Bullpup Dog View Post
thats crap dude. of course it hurt, you just may not have cared much at the the way, thats a nice smile you got now lol
haha! Actually it did not hurt. I was pissed off, but it didn't hurt. The same way haircuts don't hurt. My grin still works fine I heard about this guy who can fix teeth, if you want I can give you his #.

As far as wearing "protection" in the field, the best protection is playing with a bunch of guys who know what they are doing. I've shared the feild with a bunch of great guys for most of the outdoor games I have attended. Sans vest. Playing a Box MAG P90 I have no use for a vest. I've been shot in the back, front, head, face, stones, knees, fingers, hands, ( I guess I'm not really good at this game) I've gone on vacation with to Bleeder scars, one on each cheek, so they look great in the Pics.
Play with out a vest and you will learn mutual respect for the other members sharing the field. Then if you want a vest to carry mags or go with your Milsim, you won't think of it as "protection". Perhaps you may not need it.
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