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Those that say airsoft doesn't hurt are either full of it, or have never been shot with a real airsoft gun in CQB. When you're hit multiple times in a fleshy area with BBs travelling fast enough to break your skin and make you bleed through your shirt, trust me. It hurts.
What the hell fps do you play CQB with? I've been hit point blank stitched across the thighs with about 6 shots from a gun shooting 350fps (the max for CQB around Ottawa/Montreal) and it left little welts but no bleeding (stung like a bitch for a minute or so.) I was only wearing a pair of Frontenac CADPAT pants, no padding. Minimum engagement range still applies in CQB, that shouldn't have happened but stuff like that does, its inevitable. I've also been shot in the throat from 15' from a 400fps gun, just kinda fell over, didn't even call it (doubt I was capable of it at the time.) Other than accidents and the like airsoft never hurts more than a moderate sting (moderate relative to, say, a 400fps gun hitting you in the throat from 15')
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