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Originally Posted by vatek View Post
I just can't trust a brand with that name.

When I think of anything Trojan/Troy related, I think of a big wooden horse going into a fortress, and once it gets inside, it BUSTS open and a bunch of men come out. Not very reassuring.
OMG!! i never thought about it that way, it makes perfect sense, what the hell were they thinking when they named thier brand like that!?? lol

Originally Posted by Bullpup Dog View Post
just curious how many people would say that it is better to experience the pain of a hit rather than being covered head to toe in gear? and vice versa.
its not about the pain or anything lke that, its about simulation. besides even with full kit you stiull hear the distinct thwap when it hits your vest or shirt. the better player you become, the more you realise when youve been hit.
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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven
a Systema PTW is like KD, where the noodles are plated in gold and the cheese sauce is actually a pool of hot naked women.
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