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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Hmm. Not so much. It explicitly says that you cannot acquire prohibited devices (airsoft, replicas) so how can you own one without getting one?

Yeah yeah... But... the law does not forbid you from possessing replicas aquired any time.. Once you have them.

the aqusition aspect is tied up in the transfer laws..

In the absence of evidence of the transfer who's to say when, where , how it came into your possession? without that evidence no one is going to lay charges.

The transfer would need to be observed and witnessed... this is how they got that fella out in Quebec ... they ( the police) staked out a game and got pictures of him selling out of his car trunk... nabbed!

So really the effort ( and cost) necessary to charge people is quite high.. and so unlikely to happen to individuals.

So once you have one... your possession is legal despite the aquisition being illegal.
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