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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post

If shit were to truly hit the fan, basically every airsofter in Canada can be charged with illegally possessing a prohibited device.
Well , no according to the law there is nothing illegal about owning replicas.

but technically you can't buy them or sell them.

there is no point shouting the sky is falling... when it already fell 9 years ago in 1998 when replica firearms were proscribed as prohibited devices.

Look how much airsoft has grown since then.. lots.. and it will weather this storm as well...

The Airsoft community in Canada has grown since that time.. and it will continue to do so despite the current trend in enforcement.

I have used this analogy before...

Everyone who has airsoft guns are like the casual Pot smoker... you have enough around to get you and a few friends high... sure its "illegal" but the cops don't really care... This is the individual airsoft owner.. who occasionaly sells a gun or two to his friends.

then you have the "small time dealers" who deal a bit to their friends.. and their friends friends. yeah its illegal.. and the cops keep an eye on it to make sure things don't get too big. This is the "small group order importer" who brings in a few guns a year.. and takes the risk of customs seizing the stuff.

Then you have the "large importers" licensed importers who bring in a lot of guns under prop licenses .. and sell the guns illegally to individuals contraveining the conditions of their licenses. These guys are the "grow ops" who eventually attract law enforcment attention and get pressured to shut down or get charged.

As long as we stay within the first 2 groups law enforcment will likely tolerate us... but anyone who moves up to the third group is looking for trouble.
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