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Originally Posted by sammer View Post
hi Fidget11.

i was looking on wcshop cause it's really a nice place but like i can see on the forum, a lot of poeple got problem with customs. That's not legal to buy a airsoft gun ?
the only site i found is :

Can i trust this place ?

thanks for info.
well to my knowledge (some of the other members in their area have more knowledge of what is going on with them than i do) they ran into a customs issue a few months ago and have not had any guns or other airsoft available since. importing guns from outside the country is not legal for individuals without some extremely expensive permits that are basically not possible to get. this means we are stuck buying from the retailers who do have the correct permits to import. it doesnt mean that the guns dont come in, it just means that the prices are higher and if you want something special it can take a fair bit of time to get here.
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