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Originally Posted by sammer View Post

i m searching few poeple wanting to play some airsoft near montreal. I'm new in Canada (come from UE) and sadly i sold all my gear and gun (FAMAS V2.3) before i left the France.
I m really happy to see here too poeple enjoying play airsoft and i want doing a come back in airsoft life =)

If you can help me.

- About a store for a M4 or M14 weapon.
- About a team in montreal.

Sorry for my english i m working on it =)

thx for help.

welcome, we see far worse english so dont feel sorry about that.

the m4 or m14 a good place to look is the classifieds, im sure there are a team or two and a verifier near you who can ensure you are able to get access there. if you want to buy new there are a couple stores, try looking at the places under the "canadian retailers" link at the top of the page. you wont be able to bring in guns from outside the country so the big international retailers are out for that.
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