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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Dude, you simply haven't been around long enough.

Apec/Xp/Blue Seas - had license - gone
DEA/Rangers/M1 - had license - gone
Canadian Airsoft - had license - gone
Warcraft - used someones' license - gone
ASCA - had license - gone
ASK, 007, and other small guys - gone
The CFC (now RCMP) and the CBSA are more serious about shutting down the supply of replicas than they have ever been. They will win too!!!

All of this occurred in the last year, and some of these guys had been around for years.
So then you dont agree with my post?? Are you calling Ken@007 an idiot. Sure sounds like it. Like I said, he wouldnt risk getting busted again and probably risk going to jail the second time around for smuggling.
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