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Originally Posted by aZn_triXta07 View Post
Oohhhh the possibilities! Brian noted that TTAC3 could qualify for it because of their training facility but who knows :P
Yes.... its true.. if I wanted to jump through all the hoops...I am confident I could get a business firearms License ... Which means my business could buy replicas for use on my premisis..

it is not possible to get a license to sell replicas to individuals... full stop.. the law forbids it.

every time you as an individual buys or sells an airsoft gun you could be busted for trafficing in prohibited devices... this is a reality... and this is why so many business went down this year..
Sure most of them had import licenses...and were briniging in guns legally
But they were not selling them legally because you can't.

Sales were based on the premis that enforcement was lax.. which left some room for trade... well enforcment is less lax now... so there is less room for trade.

There will likely be always someone willing to risk it to bring guns in and sell them... but the days of "shopping for guns" is over... at least for now...
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