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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Dude, you simply haven't been around long enough.

Apec/Xp/Blue Seas - had license - gone

DEA/Rangers/M1 - had license - gone

Canadian Airsoft - had license - gone

Warcraft - used someones' license - gone

ASCA - had license - gone

ASK, 007, and other small guys - gone

The CFC (now RCMP) and the CBSA are more serious about shutting down the supply of replicas than they have ever been. They will win too!!!

All of this occurred in the last year, and some of these guys had been around for years.
Majority of the Canadian retailers were probably just a couple guys who had a lot of money and probably got hold of a broker WITH the licenses to do all the work for them. There's a thread about importation and it clearly states that "joe teenager can't get a license and sell airsoft out of his basement", that you need to be an established business to get the license and all sorts of other things so simply put you can't just go ahead and go I want the license to just import airsoft and sell it out of my home/office etc. 007 seems to be the only exception probably because 007 accquired their own license BACK IN THE DAY. I believe and from what I've gathered operates out of a paintball field which in some cases may provide training for possible law enforcement which could allow them to qualify for such license. I'm not absolutely sure but only time will tell, they bring in shipments fast and tend to not have much issues with customs @ the moment so it's green for them.
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