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Originally Posted by lt_poncho View Post
You're making assumptions - my impression on that is how are you considered a focused(serious) vertical when you seem like a closet or grocery store of hobbies?

It just seems to me it was retail for whatever the owners primary interests were / all over the place.
Dunno, I suppose since it catered to all my hobbies, it's a non-issue. I think many hobbies stores don't do so well if they don't cater to a wide variety of hobbies. Some of the gaming stores I know of that focuses on tabletop and RPGs don't do so well, or at least never expand and are always in location-flux. I'm sure there's some sort of common theme among all the activities listed.... Somewhere.

Why are you calling those interested in such subjects geeks? You're totally off base.
I identify myself as a geek, as do everyone I know in real life who engages in those activities. It's not an insult, at least among my social circles, more of an admission.
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