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Originally Posted by Bakes View Post
Ok,there has to be something were missing. Why would a guy thats already been raided risk getting raided again? This doesnt make sense. Is there a possibility that the Government/Customs is raiding all these guys that arent playing by the rules(not having this import license). Getting rid of all these guys so that way they can have a finger over all of the importing. I think assuming that Ken@007 would risk getting raided for a couple of bucks that he makes off the guns would say he isnt a very intelligent person(and I dont think thats the case). I think everyone is jumping the gun(no pun intended) on this one. Just a thought.
Dude, you simply haven't been around long enough.

Apec/Xp/Blue Seas - had license - gone

DEA/Rangers/M1 - had license - gone

Canadian Airsoft - had license - gone

Warcraft - used someones' license - gone

ASCA - had license - gone

ASK, 007, and other small guys - gone

The CFC (now RCMP) and the CBSA are more serious about shutting down the supply of replicas than they have ever been. They will win too!!!

All of this occurred in the last year, and some of these guys had been around for years.
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