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So it's almost time to start carting airsoft across lake erie on my cigarette boat... I need to stop spending money on airsoft and start upgrading my ride so I can outrun the coast guard lol.

Seriously though, airsoft will probably never get outright banned in canada. I think we have at least a year or two to enjoy this gray area of the law we all live in before anything actually happens.

And when it does I'll bet my bottom dollar that it will just be regulated instead of made illegal. There is just to much of it floating around... to many pellet guns and bb guns that fall into the same catagory.

I just can't see the RCMP busting down my door and arresting me for owning a RedRider BB gun lol.

Airsoft with Stoner trademarks etc... yah those might be in trouble, it always kinda suprised me that they get away with using copyright and trademarked designs on their guns.
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