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Send a message via ICQ to MadMorbius, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that if it's shipped any method other than priority courier, and if Canada Post elects to contract to Purolator to use one of their planes, your package might be pulled off the plane and shipped ground. You will still be required to sign for it, but it will take a LOT longer to get to you, IF the Purolator dink who pulls it off the plane actually puts it on a truck and doesn't leave it sitting in a warehouse "orhpaned".

I'm saying that contrary to policies, Purolator often interferes with Canada Post's shipping when Canada Post elects to pay Purolator to use one of their aircraft. Because the package is taken off a plane by Purolator and NOT by Canada Post, there is no scan on the label and the tracking system is bypassed.

In the example I stated previously, for three weeks the tracking information at the CP site listed my package as "accepted for delivery at postal outlet". Three weeks later, one morning, it said "out for delivery to customer". Nothing in between.
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