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Shipping Firearms via Canada Post


I saw another thread about a package that went missing in the mail even though it was shipped within Canada, and I thought i'd post my experience here as a warning to others.
  • First Point - the Government has declared that firearms may be shipped via Canada Post, using their most secure delivery method, with signature verification
  • Second Point - Canada Post has declared that their most secure shipping method, with signature, is Priority Courier.
  • Third Point - Canada Post shares aircraft with Purolator for Expresspost delivery.
  • Fourth Point - Purolator forbids the shipping of firearms.
Now why is all this relevant to airsoft and the sale of AEG's?

About 4 months ago I ordered and paid for a STAG ARMS AR15 from a retailer on the East Coast. The rifle was shipped Expresspost, and was expected to arrive within 3 days. When the rifle didn't show up, I initiated a trace and found that it had dissappeared at the post office.

After dealing with the postal investigative service, it was determined that in this instance, Canada Post shared an aircraft with Purolator. A Purolator worker noticed a box that was rifle shaped, and although there were no markings identifying the contents of the rifle or the shipper's business name to suggest a firearm was in the package, it was pulled off the plane and put on a truck where it was delayed for a week due to severe storms in the area. Two weeks later, it arrived at my door.

Canada Post apologized for the incident, stating that although they share aircraft, Purolator is not supposed to handle any CP merchandise EVER. That being said, he acknowledged that this type of thing happens all too frequently.

So here's the punchline - if you ship an AEG using Expresspost, and depending on your location, there is a chance the package will be on a Purolator aircraft at some point. If the package looks like it may contain a firearms, it may get pulled off the airplane and put on a truck, if it gets sent on it's way at all. IF the package dissapears, Canada Post WILL NOT honour your insurance on the package because you were effectively breaking the law by sending a firearm in the mail without using THEIR declared "most secure delivery method", being Priority Courier.

So if you have purchased an AEG, you have an Expresspost tracking number, but the tracking seems to dissapear at a post office, this might be the case for you.
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