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Originally Posted by Gerkraz View Post
I<snipped> people should be encouraged, not discouraged, to speak to their representatives.
It is not kids playing that has caused the increase in enforcment it is the illegal trade that has done that.
Coupled with the increased incidence of replicas being used in crimes.

I think the RCMP is drawing a line between the proliferation of high quality replicas within the criminal element and the Illegal trade in them.. and they are likely not far off the mark.

Individual owners are not even on their radar.. and likely won't be because ther is nothing illegal about having these things ( regardless of when you got it)

But collecting more and more of them off the street certainly caused the police to investigate where they are coming from... and where they are going.
Add to this the FACT that is is now the federal Police who are charged with this task....and we see increased pressure on importers and generalized uncertainty about the future.

And this is where we find ourselves today...

As an individual that is unknown to the recipient... expressing concerns about your access to replicas in a letter to your MP simply does not hold much water... and may have the effect of drawing attention to the community at large ... and right now this community is not ready for or capable of responding to increased scrutiny in any manner that is helpful to the overall aim of preserving the existing access to replicas.. such as it is.

This is where I have made errors in the past by bumping up the profile of Airsoft... Where I may be ready to come out into the light... that does not mean that everyone is... and this has to be taken into account in your actions as a member of this community, as fractured and diffuse as it is.
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