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I realize that there is currently no evidence for that, but I was merely using a hypothetical situation to illustrate my point, which was that if people feel that one of their liberties is going to be taken away, that it makes no sense to take it lying down.

People here seem pretty uneasy about the whole situation, so even IF there's no concrete evidence, people are starting to feel that their sport is at risk.

Do you deny the fact that people on this site are worried that the government might ban, or otherwise restrict, airsoft? Of course not, because people ARE worried.

From my understanding of airsoft in Canada, this has been a worry since day 1. The tactic before was to try and fly below the radar; we were worried about what would happen, so we did our best to keep it on the down low. However, airsoft is now on their radar, thanks to dumbass kids who pull stupid stunts using similar guns. So now is the time for people to contact their representatives and explain that the majority of airsofters are not irresponsible morons and that you (we) feel that any bad publicity the sport of airsoft is getting is completely unfair and unrepresentative of the players who partake in it.

If we take a safe and sane approach by saying we promote 18+, training, safety, use only on approved fields and that we disapprove totally of airsoft use in crimes (we do), we have a chance of getting through to whoever our representative is. We can also explain to them that we'd love to get legal support in clarifying the status of airsoft guns so we can continue our sport while being serious about criminal uses. This is something Greylocks suggested to me when the whole ASCA thing occured.

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
Any work that goes to eliminating the registry (...) can not hurt our chances of getting changes that benefit the airsoft community
Neither can writing your MP, but for some reason, many of you seem to think that's a bad idea.

Truth be told, it's not the community inactivity that I'm fed up with, it's the ANTI-activity that people are pushing forward; when people say they are going to write their representatives they are encouraged NOT to by members of this board, something I find completely ridiculous. The fact that this is a free country and a democracy notwithstanding, now that airsoft is firmly in place on the government's and law enforcement's radar, people should be encouraged, not discouraged, to speak to their representatives.

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