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If the Federal Government wants to ban airsoft, and if you disagree with them, why WOULDN'T you say anything? To me this doesn't make sense; this isn't how democracy works.

There is no evidence that the federal government is planning on changing the existing laws... so there is no "ban" looming that we have to take action against to prevent.

With the RCMP taking over the administration and enforcement issues with respect to firearms.. they cut out the middle man and brought the enforcers much closer to the community.

All that has happened is an increased level of enforcement of already existing laws.

So we can cool the "stop the ban" talk.. there is no ban to stop...

So if we all go off and write letters about " saving airsoft" or stopping the ban... well you will be easily ignored... as there is no ban in place .. and none planned that we know of ( ignoring municiple by laws)

If you want to offer your services to an organization... get your PAL and get active in the existing firearms lobby... You can get to work right away. Any work that goes to eliminating the registry.. and amending existing firearms legislation to allow responsible gun owners access to their objects of desire can not hurt our chances of getting changes that benefit the airsoft community when it is our turn to lobby for clarity and reasonable access to replicas for responsible owners.

Frustrated with lack of action in this community... then go and help an existing already organized community.. because it is the same people who we will be asking to take action on our issues.
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