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Originally Posted by Dirty Deeds View Post
Scary is right, I've told close friends what I do, and I still get the "You're fuckin' nutz!" look, and these people know me personally. Imagine the thoughts of someone who has no clue who you are?

And I agree with the kicking and screeming part. Because as I see it, they WILL ban us, so we might as well let them know how we feel about it. Hit them while they are not ready for us, instead of reacting to what they do.

In my experience, the one who lands the first punch usually wins. I know it doesn't apply here, but I'd rather fight my rapist now, either than wait and see if he's serious or not.
+1. This leaving "heads in the sand" still leaves our arses up in the air for a good ol' fashion Government romping!

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