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Originally Posted by Zeonprime View Post
ya know we could keep doing the soccer mom comments or we could finally organizie...

I'll wait for people to try to flame once again for suggesting that we actually try to do something with our community... Maybe Penquin will call me a facist again.

Bah! screw it, I'll book a room and call for an open invite for people to come and voice what those who are interested in trying to keep what little of our sport legal. people want to bitch about it and how others are going to force their rules etc etc should,
A) get your asses to games more often cause a great many have chairsofted for way too long.
B) not join up.
C) ignore anything that those who decide to organizie do and keep their heads in the sand.

ok guys go ahead and flame me.
Fact is that there are a lot of people who support the idea of organizing.. and creating a framework for self regulation and activism on behalf of the community.
And everyone is standing around waiting for someone to step up and do it.

Are you that person? It does matter who it is... because they must be able to garner popular support.. but mostly they have to be ready to carry a lot of water for every one else.

There is a huge gulf between talking about doing something.. and actually making it happen.

This effort will be pretty much a part time job for someone.. that costs you money rather than paying any.

Whos up for that?
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