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We know what they want, we should at least go down fighting and yelling our viewpoint as loudly as we can.
Agreed. Maybe it's my European upbringing, but I'm not accustomed to just sitting down and taking it. When the goverment does something you don't agree with, you let it know.

Now, I'm not saying we should throw tact and proper etiquette out the window, but there are ways to make our opinions heard and we can, and in my opinion NEED, to start sharing them with the people that matter. Self-regulation is fine and dandy, but if we don't TELL people we're doing it, then what's the point?

I don't mean any offense to anyone on the site, but it's not ASC members that need to hear your opinion, it's your MP, your local representative and your town councillors. It's painfully obvious to anyone who spends enough time reading what the site's heavy-hitters, like HonestJohn, Blackthorne, Scarecrow, Greylocks and others, have to say about this; none of us would write our MPs saying "LOLz I likes shootin' ppl wit mah fake guns".

If we really care about the sport, then there's no reason NOT to write to the people that matter and give them a piece of our minds. It's time to explain to them that while airsoft (soft air, to them it's the same) has been used irresponsibly by childish teenagers in the past few months, the majority of airsoft players are responsible and that we feel it is unfair that the majority of us should suffer because of a few idiots.

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