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Municipalities are free to establish by-laws to make replicas illegal within their jurisdictions.. the penalty for by-law infractions are fines.

For the most part... most municipalities already have by-laws in place making it illegal to discharge anything that fires a projectile within the municipality.
And Municipalities are free to define a firearm at whatever fps they want.. most have taken the stance that anything that fires a projectile at any speed is a "firearm" under their by-laws.

Municipalities can aslo restrict trade in such "firearms" typically by making sales 18 + on pain of loosing your business license.

Although such bylaws can be limiting to our activites for the most part what we do as a community is within the body of most civic by-laws.

When I was setting up the FTF just south of Acton.. I met with the chief by-law officer of Halton Region.. and got a full rundown of the "typical" civic by-laws governing the use of replicas within the Greater Halton Region..

By-laws .. pretty much can be they don't have much effect.. and are only enforced on the direct complaint of a citizen. And we are within the laws in most cases.

Most By-laws actualy serve our aims by making it harder for minors to get guns.. and giving ramifications out side of criminal charges for abuse.. so they are more likley to act as a deterrent to abuse for casual misuse of airsoft guns by minors.
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