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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
"Why voluntary self-regulation didn't work:"

And never will. Mandatory regulation is either going to be imposed by us or upon us. The latter means the end of airsoft in Canada.

There is no more "living under the radar" or "we'll just continue to do what we've always done" bullshit. Either we shape up (all of us), or melt down your guns for pencil-holders.

We're on the radar now and clearly in the sights of LE and government. It's only a matter of time until THEY pull the trigger.

Alarmist rhetoric? Maybe? Better that than the "head in sand" syndrome gripping the community these days.
While we have had our differences, I have to agree one hundred percent dude.

While I preach in other threads that what we are trying to sell is so scary it will probably not ever be accepted, that doesn't mean I don't think we shouldn't try.

We know what they want, we should at least go down fighting and yelling our viewpoint as loudly as we can.

It's still a fucking free country.
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