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Why voluntary self-regulation didn't work:

- Because it was a 'feel good' measure not addressing the anti's concerns. Ironically now that the 'franchise' has been denied to younger players, instead of making the sport more legitimate it's become much less so.

Oshawa should support replica gun bylaw


Oshawa should support replica gun bylaw

When police officers feel so strongly about a safety issue they make public appeals to our politicians, our leaders should listen.

Durham Regional Police Constable Todd Petzold has been appealing to politicians across Durham to adopt local bylaws that would regulate replica guns. When officers attend a gun call they can't guess if a gun is fake or not. That split-second timing could cost them -- and the gun holder -- their lives.

After Oshawa council instructed staff to draft a bylaw regulating replica guns, the corporate services committee voted it down last week. This issue will go to full council where hopefully the majority will ensure this bylaw is approved. It's been approved in Clarington and Scugog and many other GTA communities are looking to adopt similar bylaws.

Const. Petzold said more needs to be done to bring this attention to light. "The members of our communities don't fully grasp the seriousness of this," he said.

It's clear that's true. Councillor Robert Lutczyk, chairman of the corporate services committee, has rejected the replica gun bylaw from the start. While he's certainly entitled to his opinion his comments are a great disservice to the real issues our police officers face.

"I'm not going to support a level of government taking draconian measures where Joey down the street and his 10-year-old friend can't go to a park and play GI Joe or anything kids do," said Coun. Lutczyk. "A mountain is being created out of a molehill because some teenagers in Scugog Township were doing some things they shouldn't have... I don't think we need to create any additional bureaucracy and be running around after little kids with squirt guns."

Clearly he's living in the past with fond childhood memories of playing war or cops and robbers. These are different times where most people, experts alike, couldn't tell the difference between a real handgun and a replica. And to suggest that kids using super soakers or orange plastic guns are going to be rounded up is ridiculous and insulting.
He should see the issue through they eyes of an officer who has to attend a gun call and isn't sure if that teen has a loaded gun in his hand. It could well be a life or death call.

Letters please guys we know this is a waste of money and resources

City council letters here all council will receive a copy
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