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Well since I got verified at the same time as HUH did Im gonna come to his defense. We met our verifier at an weekly event in our city(very nice guy and nobody was put out in anyway and he told us that he would send it in right away)2 weeks had past so I sent a pm to him just to make sure that he had sent in the details. He said that it had been sent in. After another week nothing so it was obviously a miscommunication or the details had been misplaced. Huh just asked a simple question and people like neverhood just loose it. Listen Im gonna give you a bit of advice that has gotten me through life, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!! He wasnt asking you ANYTHING. We get torn apart for asking noob questions,(you tell us to get verified) We go get verified(3 weeks ago)then when we ask why it hasnt been turned on you tear us apart again. Sure these people volunteer but on busy boards like this one people volunteer because they spend a fair amount of time at the board. So to the asses that think theyre king shit of turd hill, go take a long walk of a short peer. Like my mother always said "If you dont have anything nice or useful to say, dont say it at all" And Lisa were sorry for the confusion, we were under the impression that you had the info you needed. Thanks
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