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More Dollar Store Airsoft

So I was at the local shopping mall today and I'm sad to say that I found a Marui knock off EBB pistol for $30.

The bad news... I saw them sell one of a little boy about 14 years old at MOST.

The good news... it shoots about as hard as I fart.

Why the hell does it have a laser out the front end?

What is a manganese battery? I know of them, but why shouldn't I use them in this?

"If the inferior battery is usage of this product may make some action not coherent"
Sort of like that sentence.

Motor-driven blowback action driven by motor. Could that sentence be any more redundant? Somehow, I don't think it has a hop-up.

Ohhh dear.

Wow... just... wow.

Well at least it's to scale. It takes 4 AAA batteries and has the typical Marui style EBB magazine.

So THAT is why it had a laser pointing out the front end.... If nothing else, it will make a great laser-pointed for presentations.


So verdict? The Dollar Store sells these for $30. Worth it? If you want a wall-hanger with an orange tip, sure. If you want to play airsoft? Umm... stick some bb's up your ass and blast away, you're guaranteed to get more hits that way.
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