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Also, if you do a deal with them just remember they sell to anyone no matter age. If you pay cash, you walk out the door with it. Your supporting that.

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, I can attest to that. I went down on Saturday to try to find a suitable lefty holster, the back wall display case was open for 3, I can only guess ages 7-maybe at most 12 year old's to rip through. I heard neumerous thing's get banged around and can only picture how that aeg got so busted up, lol watched it (With a mag in there, yep!) get dropped twice by one of these kids. For the sake of shits n'giggles I tried talking to a few of the guy's that worked there about airsoft, to see if I could get the same shpiel that Kel and his bud's got, but to no avail. No one bit and the most conversation I got was how expensive the sport was and them trying to find out where I play. (fook tellin' em any of that).

My worst overall experiance, was a place I worked simply called 'Army Surpluss' it was ran by a fucktardshitcock named Ike Gueist. I have no clue if that ripoff jizzbuckets still in buisness or not, shitfuck ripped me off 3500.- (long story) and ripped off a ton of local and overseas suppliers, lots -looots of bouncing and nsf cheques. One store was out on Finch and Jane and the other downtown off Dundas and Yonge - great location, even great prices but one hell of a fucking slavedriver - bitter? you bet my ass I am.
Ah well. Everyones got their stories and experiances.
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