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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
From seeing this thing.. I would say that the search for a viable distraction device is over.

I don't know if I'd go so far to say that there Brian. You still have to pay $8 EVERY time you set that thing off! Thats a far mount of mulla for a lil bang in the game.

Personally, I want to pick up some of these. A guy brought them out to the gun doc day and I had a blast with it! The thing stays entirely together, and the rubber stopper on the bottom that blows out with the bb's is tethered so that you don't loose them. Cost per fill? 28 BB's and about a half cent of gas from the Propane tank. Also, starting at $50 USD, this thing is very much on par with what's above. Not to knock the above device, but I do see a big draw back to $8 a pop! EVen if the one I suggest only lasts say 30 fills and pops ((I put 20 through the other guys, which means I'll probably end up having to buy it off him... just to finish it off! :twisted: :twisted: )) thats $240 just setting it off 30 times because of how much those 8 gram canisters cost. If it were the 12 gram, where you could get 25 for $13, then I'd be more agreeing to this device as the build on it looks much stronger than the M26A1G.

EDIT: Made a small error, its $5 a pop, but that still means $150 to set it off 30 times!

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