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Originally Posted by drakore244 View Post
One danger is, say you are playing a game of save/hold the hostage, what happens if a younger player, or older it doesnt matter, decides to put the gun in said hostages mouth, to attempt to keep u away, and that airsoft gun miss fires and shoots down the hostages wind pipe. Now granted this is a absolute peak of stupidity and Murphy (Murphy's Law) playing games with us, but that matter of the fact is that is could happen.
Anybody who plays a hostage game and would do something like this is the whole problem. The solution to this problem... these people should never hold any type of airsoft, or heaven forbid, real firearm.

I really have to wonder about you drakore, seeing that you brought an example like this up. Do you play? Have you actually seen something like this? Or has this come from your twisted little mind?
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