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Originally Posted by Dracheous View Post
Hmmm, I got my hands on a different grenade that is similar in mechanics to this one.

((EDIT: Ask anyone at the last OP: Gun Doc Day, I must have set that thing off 15-20 times! So much fun, yes, me and explosives are a bad mix!))

This one seems a lil more costly on use than the other as it just used propane like a GBB mag. But I'd forsee this one making a much louder pop.

The only thing I could see that would make this thing more fun to use itself, is a tether between the two halves so you don't spend time trying to find the other half! But seeing it has two plastic end caps it would probably not be difficult to secure a tether to each end.

The halves do not separate.. the only thing that happens is the plastic end cap on one end explodes due to gas overpressure.. the rest of the device remains intact. The cap is hollow.. and can be charged will BBs or powder.. or both the enhance the effect.

From seeing this thing.. I would say that the search for a viable distraction device is over.
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