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Originally Posted by Oddjob View Post
You should of done a search for topics on Hero's before heading down just to see the aura of bull shit that joint has. He used to have a few TM gun's hanging from the roof a few feet away from the paintball guns, all had a price tag of $750, and his GBB's in the front counter were generally around $450. He loved to show them off to gansta's looking for a gat.

If anyone goes in there any time soon, ask him what his user name is on ASC and ask him if the seller of any gun(s) he buy's knows they are going to a surplus store for mark upped resale.

Also, if you do a deal with them just remember they sell to anyone no matter age. If you pay cash, you walk out the door with it. Your supporting that.
After searching back through, I remember reading those threads a while ago. As I said, I knew the name sounded familiar but I couldn't place it.

I believe they got in a lot of shit a short while ago for selling knives to underagers. Next time I go for camo, it'll be back in Barrie.

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