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Cute, cuz I was hooking up the ( ) guys with the OD suits new $40
Look, I'm not starting a pissing contest here thats not the point but I deal with a lot of ASers here, Its in my best interest to make you happy. I like Larry, he's a nice guy, I know him a lot better than most of you may think. I've posted it earlier in this thread, that he was the best store in GTA (when I running it ) but this is a new century. Wanna see my stuff? clik on "Dude, I sell pants" for my website, Email me, see my asc thread, MSN me, or catch me pimping stuff at the games, grab your cell phone or car keys.
Everyone has their own opinion, I keep an open mind and an open door to try and make sure your opinion favors me. lol
Unless you don't 'call yer hits' than things change
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