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Review: Thumper TG6 Non Pyro Distraction Device

I play a lot of CQB (especially in the winter) and have been looking for a distraction device for quite some time now. After reading this thread and briefly discussing it with Gryphon (thanks bud! ) I decided to go ahead and ordered a starter kit from Non Lethal Training Munitions. With a retail price of $115 US ($120 US for the starter kit), it's certainly not cheap but if it works, it will be a great tool for entry teams.

Shipping took ~5 business days and that's not bad considering it's coming from Florida. The Thumper TG6 was extremely well packaged and there's no way the device would get damaged during shipping. Anyway after ripping the packaging apart, I was greeted by the grenade itself, three blasting caps, three 8gr CO2 cartridges and a couple of allen keys.

The grenade is well constructed and feels very solid in the hand. I believe it's made out of aluminum and has a plastic base and plastic firing cap on top.

The Thumper TG6 cylinder is ~15 x 4cm in size and fits into standard mag pouches quite easily. In the second picture the firing pin on the grenade has been removed and the spoon extended (activated and ready to fire within ~2 sec).

To disassemble the Thumper TG6, you twist the the two metal halves apart and that will reveal the chamber for the CO2 cartridges. A thick O ring gives the grenade an airtight seal between the two halves which is important obviously.

After inserting the CO2 cartridge screw the two halves back together and you're ready to go. If you're reusing the grenade and after the CO2 has been installed, you insert a new blasting cap and twist it ~45 degrees. That locks the cap in place and you're ready to rock and roll.

Using the grenade is a no brainer simply pull the pin, throw it in the direction you want and wait till you hear the loud BANG. It takes about 2 seconds for the device to go off and it certainly gives everyone quite a startle.

The device works in this way when the spoon is released, a valve pierces the CO2 cartridge which then over fills the plastic blasting cap with gas. When the cap bursts it's suppose to produce 120dB of noise. Unfortunately I don't have the tools to measure that but I can vouch that it's damn loud.

As you can see the cap has been blown into two pieces and is one of the two consumable parts, the other is the 8 gram CO2 cartridge.

I was fortunate enough to use it last night at TTAC3 and it certainly gave everyone a surprise. It worked very well after setting the Thumper TG6 off, my team entered a complex room structure and was able to clear out all four defenders without any casualties.

The Thumper TG6 costs ~$5 per use after the initial investment of course. 8 gram CO2 cartridges are harder to find than the regular 12 gram models (used in CO2 guns) but it's getting the blasting caps that's impossible, you have to go to the manufacturer for that. NLTM sells both consumable parts together so you're pretty much going to get those parts from them exclusively.

The Thumper TG6 is an expensive toy but then again what in airsoft isn't? If you play a lot of CQB, this thing will add a new dimension to your game and is definitely recommended. It's expensive to run so I won't use it every time I play CQB however I will use it now and then to give the guys I play with a shock every once in a while.

amano999 took a video of the Thumper TG6 in use, when he posts it online I'll update this thread with a link so you can check it out. If you have any questions by all means post or PM me, I'll do my best to answer. If you want a picture of something specific again let me know.

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