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Field_Gunner has a valid point, and my friends and i were haveing the exact same discussion. The Obvious danger of Airsoft is the eye protection issue, however, should everyone follow regs and wear impact safety glasses, that issue is almost closed with a simple solution like that, however there are a few dangers thats are possible, because there are people out there stupid or careless enough to do this. One danger is, say you are playing a game of save/hold the hostage, what happens if a younger player, or older it doesnt matter, decides to put the gun in said hostages mouth, to attempt to keep u away, and that airsoft gun miss fires and shoots down the hostages wind pipe. Now granted this is a absolute peak of stupidity and Murphy (Murphy's Law) playing games with us, but that matter of the fact is that is could happen.

There isn't really any way to protect against this except for playing safe and smart. Also i still stand by the fact that airsoft should be limited for purchase to 18 or older, im 15 so i know what im getting myself into, but in the long run it will be worth it, this may help to keep people away who havent had enough worldly knoledge knocked into them, so the said accident may be worked around.

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