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Originally Posted by Moz View Post
What I am saying is they specialize in actual surplus, bought by the pound, in retarded sizes, because that is what actual surplus is. A hundred size 13 and size 7 boots, a bunch of fatman uniforms and old jackets.
Whats left at the store is the stuff that no one has wanted since 1996 and some stuff in there is even older junk stock that was brought in from a partnership that went bad. If you need left arm straps from obsure web sets, or mis matched winter mucluc's, used OD t-shirts or the pants of an NBC suit thats your guy.

I specialize in buying stuff that people will buy from me. Why would I buy stuff that no one wants?

Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Oooh size 13! Perfect! :P (I'm a 12-13)
case in point I have boots in size 12-13 in stock, CF desert, CF combat Cf parade and police style's. But why sit on 60 pairs of 13's and have no size 10?

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