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404 and Leslie.. East beaver Creek Drive..

Often have stuff not found elsewhere, Russian Camo and vests, Wide selection of UK DPM.. full suite of US camo and some interesting odds and sods such as various surplus helmets...
Lots of goretex in various flavours... and a good selection of sizes.. Picked up a brit wool jumper and a pre soldier 95 DPM smock just last week.

Says he will have Crye Multicam in by mid april.... Says authentic Crye Percision fabric but in a 4 pocket BDU cut..

But I make it a point to get up there every so often to see whats new

Then of course there is Army Outfitters, on Avenue just north of Lawrence.. nice selection... and in human sizes..lots of gortex.. current issue ACU and USMC Marpat TW if you are into that sort of thing.

Beaver... meh... nothing special.. an never much different
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