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Universal Pricing Scam (or Unlimited Parcel Search..your choice) and Fed Ex(pence) are the two worst shipping compagnie there is....

First they try to analy rape you on bogus "brockage fees"... fuck there is no need for brockage on a god damn book you morons. Second FedeX delivered a pistol slide assembly ( shipped insured with signature and a note for hand delivery only) TO THE WRONG ADDRESS, hell even their website state..."delivered to wrong adress.". Called and they said that my parcel was at the neighbors... I did not know that my neighbors where 3 FUCKING STREET DOWN and 2 stop sign away. Then they send me this nice bill tellling me that I own them 147$ of brockage fees( bill was about 300us....Basicaly told them to sitch it u[p their collective asses that they can take me to court as I refuse to pay for something like that
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