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Airsoft International wants you! :-)

The March issue of Airsoft International has hit the newstands and arrived in store at airsoft retailers in many countries around the world.

We are very happy to announce that we have increased the size of the magazine by 8 pages this month - without increasing the cover price! And speaking of covers, we are very pleased to announce a partnership
with Tom Weber (internationally acclaimed military subjects photgrapher) to provide us with cover shots featuring his work.

Furthermore, starting with this issue we have a new regular feature where we take a close look at different camouflage pattern uniforms suitable for use by airsofters. We kick things off with a review of
Austrian M57 Fleckmuster uniforms - as the first part of an initial thread of looking at spotty-patterned camouflage schemes.

We also feature the first in a series of stories about airsoft being used in real-world training scenarios, and carry on with our feature AEG review this month being the TM M14 SOCOM.

Finally, again this month our circulation has increased by several thousand - which means we are still the world's leading English-language airsoft magazine, with a very comfortable lead over any of our competitors.

Happy reading!

And don't forget - we want to make sure the magazine reaches you with the content you want. So, if your local surplus or airsoft retailer doesn't stock it - ask them why and point them in our direction.

We also invite you to submit a profile of your team, a review of your local site, or a story about airsoft being used in the real-world.

Let's do it right - let's do it together.

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