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Originally Posted by diamond_SEA View Post
If noone has noticed, the parliament is open right now.... so please write to your members of Parliment, explain the situation.

I mean Steven Harper's office mailing address is on his website.... mail him (note that mailing is much more effective than emailing)

I think a broad approach should be taken: Letters to MP's, the PM and oppositions, and mostly, to the CBSA... Send Ottawa representitives to meet them in person! Any person who looks at this very website realizes that airsoft in Canada can be regulated effectively, it is possible to make it work

How about the mailing address to the President of CBSA?

Mr. Alain Jolicoeur
President of the CBSA
Ottawa ON K1A 0L8

Just to note: looks like CBSA has closed the grey area, its in their work code now under Airsoft
Diamond_SEA brings up some interesting points. Now is the perfect time to take action. Here's my idea...

Let's pwn Steven Harper!

Allow me to elaborate. I vote that we organize a "mass-mailing", where we all send off our letters on the same day. That way they all arrive at relatively the same time, with at most a week of coherency.

Each of us would design a letter that lays out the issues, and explains how they aren't really issues at all - rather, products of the uneducated masses.

Once a letter is typed up, it doesn't take much effort to print it off a couple more times. That way our letters can be mailed to our MPs, the CBSA, and of course, our Prime Minister. I want that man's mailbox to be so full, that he will get on his knees, CRY, and BEG parliament to consider new legislation!

Like it or not, we airsofters are a minority group. The only way we'll ever get noticed is if we band together.

If enough of you agree that this is the best way of doing it, our next step is to get the word out... which I'm not really cut out for. I'm an ideas man, but I'll do my part. I vote we get it to the front of the page ASAP.


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