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Originally Posted by Armyissue View Post
Placed an order with a US company, clearly stated ship USPS! in my Email. They sent via UPS. Customs and UPS attempeted to explore my orfus. I told UPS that I refused the shipment contacted the US Co. I sent them the $# of what UPS and CRA wanted from me and had them re-ship correctly. Long live Canada Post.
You should understand UNCompany's confusion if you requested "USPS." - USPS stands for UNITED STATES Postal Service.

If you said "USPS", they won't know the acronym and will read "UPS."

I wouldn't say that was wholely their fault.

If you want Hong Kong's equivalent of CanadaPost XpressPost or USPS Global Expedited, request "Speedpost EMS".
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