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Buy clear, they changed they changed the rules to avoid a fight with crossman etc brand soft air. It used to be clear or not a replica was a replica but check the current rules, clear are now exempt.

Also you are not dealing with law you are dealing with regulation, I have seen those change on a monthly basis.

You can't win just wait until they tired and find something else, or you get serious and hit up every politican local, provincial and federal make them aware of the sport, the money invested, the numbers who play across Canada etc. Then ask them in fairness how 200 real illegal handguns get into the country, and would our tax dollars not be better spent stopping those. If your stuff get seized fight it tooth and nail, it is ok to lose but hammer the firearms people in the press while you fight. NOT the police, the firearms branch, get it in front of the media.

In other words use exactly the same tactics the anti gun people use.

Way too many words but this same stale fight goes on everytime something happens.

More crying about the sky falling and "keeping under the radar" will simply slowly close out this sport.
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