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Redwolf Airsoft review

My first thread :P I did do a search and I didn't see anything like a review of Redwolf Airsoft, so I thought I would do one to reflect my current experiences with them. Keep in mind, this is pretty much a quickie review aimed at sharing my opinion and my experience. If a mod wishes to lock and/or delete, I'll understand.

Overall, I'm happy with their selection and service. They have an excellent website and it has a lot of good info on it.

I have made two orders through them. My first and still unresolved order was for a TM MP7 magazine and a TM M92 magazine. My second order was for a Phantom chest rig and a silencer. The two orders arrived at the same time even though the second one was made a day or two later. I'm an impatient guy so having to wait as long as I did (about a week and a half) was torture, but as I understand it, it was normal and trouble-free. Being able to track my order easily via their link was a bonus and it let me know that my stuff had arrived and that customs had cleared it.

That being said, I do have one big bone to pick with the guys at Redwolf. Like I mentioned earlier, my first order is unresolved. That's because Redwolf fudged my order. Instead of sending me a TM M92 magazine, they sent me a TM G18 Gbb magazine. I emailed them the same day and let them know of their error. I followed their directions and sent them photos of the purchase order (which clearly stated i had ordered an M92 mag) and they informed me that they would send the correct one through regular post. I told them that i wasn't happy having to wait the month or so for something I should already had by now. They said they understood but they didn't offer to upgrade the postage method. To their credit, the replies were prompt and polite.

Now then- today i finally recieved what i had hoped was the long-awaited M92 mag. When i opened the box, i was utterly dismayed to find another MP7 magazine. :banghead: So, needless to say i have sent them another email, this one a little more frustrated than the last one. So anyways, this is still as yet unresolved. I'm interested to see if they will do anything for me, since i think i've earned some sort of compensation for a careless error, not once but twice. I'll end up waiting some three months combined for my magazine by the time this is fixed.

Aside from this issue i have with them, I think they are good guys who do good work. my other order was bang on and perfect. everything was packed with care and lots of styrofoam peanuts. I just wish that they would take the time to read their invoices and emails. I was pretty specific and clear when it came to stating what my problem was. I'm still a little pissed off.

/end rant.
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