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You know Lucky, I agree with a lot of what you said, but I think that we should not post an airsoft strategy on this site. This is a public site, and we know that we are being watched (paranoia has set in). However, before we have ourselves representatives, I think we DO need to know what their strategy is. I don't know how to solve this. I find it hard to have blind faith in those doing 'what's best'. Other than Miles, I really don't know the others involved. I have no idea where they stand. For all I know, they do or do not have a good plan. How should this be discussed? Over pizza and wings at my place?

In the end, I ask myself this question... The people who are planning airsoft's next moves - What do they owe me? The answer: Nothing. They have no personal connection to me. Sure, I've given Miles quite a 'few' dollars of business. Does that mean he'll stand up for me? Who knows? Which is why I won't sit on my hands and do nothing. If the 'big boys' want my input, help, whatever, I'd be willing to help. But until I hear anything, I set out on my own agenda. Hopefully it matches theirs. If anybody wants to get together, discuss this topic outside of this forum, feel free to PM me. I'd enjoy hearing other people's thoughts.
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