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Give me a break. The threads seldom made it to a second page, and when they did half the posts were 'regulars' who showed up to tell us to STFU and that 'it's been tried before'. Sometimes there would only be a dozen people signing up to help, and then one troll post, it would say something about all our ideas having been tried before, and with that they would close the thread.

If you ever hear a call-in radio show, or read an article in the news paper, or read the letters to the editor in the newspaper, then you'd realize THAT STUFF DOESN'T COST MONEY.

Internet forums are GREAT because they allow thousands of people timely access to information and a place to organize and act on it.

You can have a radio show in Victoria do a couple hours on replica firearms, as soon as people hear it they post on this forum "RADIO SHOW ON NOW", and people start calling in to that show from across Canada.

IF, IF this forum lets us organize, THEN we could have a list of talking points that each caller would use, and their own logic (yes, people are allowed to have personal opinions - plus if everyone reads a statement word for word it's not too convincing).

Or you could have a poll running on the CTV website, or you could sign up to Angus Reid or one of the other polling companies, and when you receive a poll deling with replicas you post it on this forum (not hotlinked), and we all sign up an hammer it. Then when they read it on the news 88% of people polled were against stricter regulations.

Or you could post newspaper articles that are anti-airsoft, or simply misrepresent facts ('banning' replicas). And People read the articles and send in responses to the newspaper. Sometimes the responses get play, sometimes (if you encounter a true asshole) they just motivate the author to be even more anti-gun. Glen McGregor wrote a bunch of BS articles, he got flak, and then wrote an entire Series for the Ottawa Citizen about how bad guns are. But then they went too far, as they're prone to do, and they posted on the internet a searchable database of every firearm registered in Canada, searchable by address. Entire stores found their inventories posted online, a shopping list for criminals. So now there is yet more reason to scrap the registry, as complaints are pouring in to the Privacy Commissioner. Thus writing letters to newspapers can be beneficial in three ways; #1)you get press, could change reader's minds (including police) #2) you could change an influential author's mind, #3)the newspaper could lash out and dig a hole for itself, helping your cause in the process.

Plus I described an Easy, Cheap way to get face time with a politician - VOLUNTEER. Sure, we could set up an 'Airsoft Alliance' and start collecting money, making several people quickly wealthy, and have maybe some positive effect, if the people don't become more focused on raising money than getting work done. Or you could volunteer on a politician's campaign, or several politicians. You're GUARANTEED to get a chance to talk to them, and it will cost you a couple dozen hours, not several thousand dollars.

What's needed is for people to STOP saying what they can't do. They've said it for years now, we all know which members think what can't be done. Why they continue to go into threads and tell everyone to give up, I don't know, it pisses me off. I think the term is Sedition.

And then we'd hear the people who are saying what they CAN do.
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