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The threads were not always deleted, they were moved to the trash when after 10 pages of arguements the point was lost. Kinda like the 10 different threads all about the same thing that are currently running, and the countless others before this.

Biggest problem, is not the threads getting trashed, but the fact that so many people have their own personal agendas and motives on the subject. Until a select group of people are voted and decided on all these threads become places for people to rant and rave and quickly become useless. Like Lawdog said things like this do cost money and do take a ton of time. Everything all these posts (most of which have been created by forum members for less then 2 years, heck even 1) say should be done, have either already been tried and failed or are still in the works. There is no simple over night solution, and if there was we would have found it 14 years ago. Same thing happened with paintball in the 80's, everyone needs to calm down and really think this through. Not just say hey this is all we need to do, rush off do it, then fuck things up more because they did it wrong.

There are things in the works by some members in this community, who have been working on this for years. They have a much clearer understanding of whats going on. Once all the I's are dotted, and the T's are crossed I'm sure they will be brough into the open for action by them. Till then please stop creating a new thread each day (gives us Mods/admins less to merge/trash) as we do not need 50+ of them.
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