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Originally Posted by Luckyorwhat View Post
But I have to point out that these things don't have to cost much. If you don't go to court, or hire a lawyer to draft the actual legislation, you're just making noise and getting on the radar.

The Conservatives are the only major party that has said people should have a right to own property. If you have a right to own proprerty, then the gov't legislation has to go to court every time they want to take property away from you - and then the burden of proof is on the gov't to prove that they're making 'reasonble limits' on your freedom.

Look how easy it is to take guns away compared to how hard it is to deport terrorist suspects. When you have Rights it makes it a lot, a whole lot harder for gov't to do stuff to you.
You have some interesting ideas, but fortunately I have neither the time nor the inclination to figure out/discuss what happened three years ago.

Money is not just for going to court or drafting legislation. Lobbying money is primarily spent to buy access, either through meetings arranged and led by a pro lobbiest or at paid attendence events where you can actually get time with the people you need to influence. They tend to listen a little more closely when they know you spent coin to be at the party or sit beside them at dinner.

And completely off topic, I would argue that there is a right to own property in Canada, it is just not enshrined in the constitution, rather it is a common law right. I do however share your disappointment that PET did not enshrine this right in the constitution. I do not expect it to be added to the constitution in my lifetime.

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