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Lawdog you're not wrong - but 1, 2, 3 years ago your post would have been enough to get this thread deleted. Not just closed, completely removed from the forum so it can never even be referenced. You could do anything you liked, you just couldn't do it here.

But I have to point out that these things don't have to cost much. If you don't go to court, or hire a lawyer to draft the actual legislation, you're just making noise and getting on the radar.

Unfortunately this is Canada, and Robert Dahl's works on pluralism are found in the fiction section of bookstores. "Commoners influencing politics? How horrible."

Plus it would be easier to send a consolidated message if the threads where we tried to draft a list of priorities WASN'T DELETED. We tried to set up a list, so that we could hammer the same points over and over, in letters to the editor, to MPs, to bureaucrats. BUT THE THREADS WERE ALWAYS DELETED.

You look at some of the stuff they let go, you can post pictures of your shit floating in a toilet, but you can't post a topic about a letter writing campaign.

For the last few years we had plenty of people, with plenty of connections, willing to work their little butts off in their free time. I've volunteered with local politicians on their campaigns, and can tell you for a fact it's pretty damned easy to get a politician's ear when you and him are walking around canvassing neighbourhoods. (tip, they spilit into groups of 2, so if you are the best-dressed guy with a respectable haircut, they pick you to walk with them - and wear a long coat) The politician will even bring it up when you're walking, they'll say, "What's important to you?" or something similar.


Greylocks - lots of people like the Liberals, but if you want to have a RIGHT to own property, then you simply have to stop voting for them.

The Conservatives are the only major party that has said people should have a right to own property. If you have a right to own proprerty, then the gov't legislation has to go to court every time they want to take property away from you - and then the burden of proof is on the gov't to prove that they're making 'reasonble limits' on your freedom.

Look how easy it is to take guns away compared to how hard it is to deport terrorist suspects. When you have Rights it makes it a lot, a whole lot harder for gov't to do stuff to you.
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