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Anyone who wants to do anything must develop a well thought out strategy. It is true that online petitions do little if anything. but it is a start. I have heard a lot about "doing something" about getting airsoft legit. Well, develop a sound and feasible startegy with all the little nuts and bolts thought out. Utilize resources to help you do this.
PRESENT THAT TO THOSE WITH A VESTED INTEREST. There will always be detractors and for good reason, many times the things we have done have been done before or are not well thought out. Rersearch the methods that are going to acheive your stated goals. I will support movement to make airsoft a legit sport, as long as I can see that my effort is being put to a well thought out action plan that will lead to a realistic and achievable goal.
Listen the people on the forum, ya Droc and Greylocks can in their statements, but, as far as I have seen, they are not completely full of shit. That goes for most. [Sorry Droc and Greylocks, you guys just pop up the most ]
So everyone relax and chill out. The government hasn't been known to ever move fast unless it was taxible. Breath in. Count to ten. Breath out.
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